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Motto Nganda

He started his carrier as Junior doctor at the intensive care units of the Douala General Hospital, also serving as research assistant at the chest clinic. With further interest in research, Motto took up the Pan-African Thoracic Society’s Methods in epidemiological, Clinical and Operational Research (PATS – MECOR), completing level three in 2016. He then moved to primary care, serving hard to reach communities as frontline implementer of national and international public health programs, policies and strategies such as Malaria, TB, HIV, Maternal and Child health and NTDs. Combining clinical duties and research, Motto served as Chief medical officer of the Kumba III sub-divisional medicalized heath centre, Cameroon and as coordinator for data collection of the LACE – Liquefied petroleum gas Adoption in Cameroon Evaluation – study, an implementation research study assessing the barriers and facilitators to the uptake of clean cooking fuels in households in Cameroon. In 2018, Motto moved to LSTM and obtained a MSc International Public Health in 2019. He currently serves research assistant for the DFID sponsored COUNTDOWN project on NTDs at LSTM. He has increasing interest in health systems strengthening of fragile health systems, supporting community health to scale up SDG 3.