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The late Mr John SAA Brimah

Mr John Brimah sadly passed on 9 July 2021 at the Ganta Hospital, where he worked, after a brief illness. His funeral took place on 17 July 2021.

John’s life was committed to serving people affected by severe stigmatizing diseases, including Leprosy. For the past fifteen years, John has been serving as the Officer-in-Charge (Clinical Director) of the Ganta Rehabilitation Center, a facility recognized by the Liberian Ministry of Health as the country’s centre of excellence in neglected tropical diseases management. John had Leprosy at a young age and experienced severe forms of stigma and discrimination throughout his childhood. He was cured of leprosy but lived a life time with the disabling effects of the disease and the impacts of separation from his family and community. You can hear directly from John about his experiences  :

John pursued one overarching desire – to help ensure others with leprosy live with dignity and access quality care and not experience the pain, stigma and discrimination he did. Determined to protect others from the disease and to support those already affected, he pursued a life-time career of service to fighting Leprosy and helping people affected by stigma and discrimination.  John was a licensed nurse and had impressive credentials in the prevention, diagnosis and management of severe stigmatizing skin diseases (SSSDs). In the words of Zeela Zaizay, REDRESS, programme manager: “He was a servant-leader and a hero who we will miss so dearly.”