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Janice Cooper

She also plays a key role on the Management Committee for REDRESS providing guidance for the team. Janice is the Carter Center’s (TCC) Senior Project Advisor on Mental Health in Liberia with experience managing research, policy and implementation projects in Liberia and USA.  Her portfolio includes supporting system of care for early childhood development focused on adapting, implementing and scaling early childhood and caregiver mental health interventions.  From 2010-2018, she was TCC’s Country Representative for Health and Mental Health.  She serves as a consultant to REDRESS.   A native Liberian, she co-led the Mental Health & Psychosocial pillar during the Ebola outbreak.  Currently, she sits on the MHPSS pillar in Liberia’s COVID-19 response. She holds degrees from Harvard, Columbia, and Essex universities and is adjunct faculty at Emory University.